Gather Roundtables

This year we are hosting Gather Roundtables across PA/SJ.  pexels-photo-350345.jpegThese are done in partnership with a local church.  If you would like to partner with the BRN as a host for a Gather Roundtable  please contact us! We will add dates as God moves to Gather his women together!

Date Place Church/Location


1/27/2019 Vorhees, NJ East Cultivate Church 9am -12pm
5/4/2019 Pittsburgh West Pittsburgh Baptist Church 8:45am – 4:00 pm
7/15/2019 TBD Philly TBD 7-9pm
9/7/2019 Etters, Pa Central Redland Baptist Church 8:45am – 4:00 pm
11/7/2019 Harrisburg, PA Central at State Convention TBD
12/7/2019 TBD Philly TBD TBD