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Founded in 1888, Woman’s Missionary Union, SBC (WMU) has educated and involved generations in Christian missions. Her purpose—to challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God—is accomplished through age-level missions organizations, hands-on missions opportunities, and additional missions resources produced for the local church. WMU is also the largest Christian women’s organization in the world, with nearly a million members nationwide.

Pennsylvania/South Jersey Woman’s Missionary Union is proud to be a state chapter of WMU. We have a state leadership team that meets bi-annually to plan and prepare for ministry across PA and South Jersey. Leaders on the team represent BRN’s four regions, particular ministry affinity groups and every age-level.

If you need assistance or desire more information, contact Pam Smith, executive director of PA/SJ WMU, at psmith@brnonline.org or (717) 652-5856. Or, Theresa Krieg, president of PA/SJ WMU, at theresabkrieg@gmail.com (843) 267-4969


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