Missional Marketplace Sneak Peek

Here are a few of the Vendors

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 AVON- Dawna Holbert

The Avon products of today have expanded far beyond the make-up and skin products of a two decades ago. You will want to come and meet Dawna. She will have cash and carry products to sell at the Missional Marketplace, and will have information on how you can purchase many of the products you have loved over the years and many new items as well.

Essential Oils by DoTerra- Linda Baker


Over the years, we are learning how essential oils can be so beneficial to our health. Frankincense, for instance, was mentioned in the Bible and today it is being used in the healing process of many wounds. Do you have sinus problems? There is a combination of oils that is very helpful for that as well. EO2EO3

Come meet Linda and learn about some of the oils that have been used for hundreds of years.

Norwex- Pamela Platania

Are you concerned about all the chemicals we use in our homes? Our closets and cabinets are loaded with them.

What is exposure to them doing to our bodies, our children, our pets; not to mention the environment! What if you could clean with just a special cloth and water? Think of how much you would save on cleaning products! These specially designed cloths have cleaning and antibacterial properties. Not only for cleaning your home but our bodies as well. NW3Meet Pamela and find out about the new technology which makes cleaning safer for us and the environment.

There are more vendors to be shared later.

Of course as before, we will have a Lifeway Christian Bookstore for your shopping pleasure. Lifeway

Cathy Underwood, from our Harrisburg store, is hard at work gathering books that will be relevant to the topics that will be discussed during our main sessions and our breakout sessions plus lots more.


There will also be tables of many ministries so when your ladies have a special need, you have answers.

Around the Corner  Ministries- Sheila Alewine


What would happen if every Christ-follower believed that God has sovereignly placed them where they are?  That He has a strategy and a purpose for who we meet, who we live next to, and who we work with?  That it’s our responsibility to accept the mission and allow God to use us for His glory and the gospel? The Lord has some great adventures for you right in your own backyard. Sheila would love to talk with you about ways to reach out to your neighbors. You take the first step and watch God work! She will also have devotionals for purchase at her table.

Mission: Dignity- Assisting Retired Ministers and Spouses

Did you know that many pastors and their wives serve faithfully is small struggling churches that can barely pay their pastor a meager salary. What happens to that ministry couple when they hit retirement age or due to health, they must retire early? Social Security covers some, but not enough. Guidestone Financial Resources has a program to help. Would you like to be a part of a ministry that helps care for these faithful servants in their retirement years? Stop by the booth and find out more.


Are you aware of the many resources and Bible Studies through such ministries as:

    • Kay Arthur with Precept Ministries
    • Nancy Lee DeMoss Wolgumuth and Revive Our Hearts
    • The International Mission Board
    • Send Relief 
    • Lifeway women
    • Disaster Relief


Let’s explore them together!

There are many more agencies and ministries to come as they are confirmed,  so check back in the coming weeks.