Breakout Sessions

3 New Breakouts!

Here are three more breakout choices at the Gathering!

“Children and Missions” – Theresa Kreig

Is it important to teach children about the mission of God in the world? Of course! Children can and should learn how they too can be involved in that mission.  Discover core mission concepts for children and preschoolers in this session.

“The Alabaster Box” – Alva Manao

Description to be forthcoming

“Seas the Day : An experiment in Disciple-Making” – Shannon Baker

The world of evangelism and disciple-making is exciting and challenging.  Learn more about the journey and how to “Seas the Day”! 

Image result for women bible studyListed are some of the breakouts that will be offered on Saturday at the Gathering. You will choose your breakout after check-in at the Missional Marketplace when you arrive on Friday 9/28. 

There are a limited number of seats available in each session. This overview is to help you to be prepared so you can sign-up quickly to get your seat! Click on title for more information.

Experiencing God’s Presence – Margo Falwell

Desiring a deeper connection with God? Come explore the unique ways God has created you to be in relationship with Him.”

It’s Ok to Say No. – Cissy Mcknickle

Only two letters, No can be the hardest word to say but God can use our “No as well as our “Yes”.  Learn how “No” can be equally important in life and ministry.

Developing and Growing your Children’s Ministry – Julianne Nerger

Children’s ministry can be challenging to start, develop volunteers and organize in your church. Come learn useful practices and ideas.

* # “The Emotionally Healthy Woman – Kathy Litton

How do you break bad rhythms and practices that are unhealthy? Come learn how to  establish and maintain healthy boundaries and more.

Fostering Hope – Amber Reed

You don’t have to be a foster parent to make a difference in an overloaded system of foster care. Learn how you can effectively impact foster care workers, families and kids with hope.

*“I’m SCARED!” – Doreen Weiss

Everyday the likelihood of you encountering a woman affected by domestic violence is statistically more common than you think. How can you be an anchor of hope to a woman in need of deliverance out of an abusive situation?

The Missional Heart of God – Storm Rhodes

You don’t have to be intimidated in joining God on mission! Come hear from one who has answered His call and learn how you can do the same!

How to Study Your Bible – Brianna Helton

Too often we reach for a book study that uses the Bible.  Fear of not understanding the Word of God causes us to be intimidated. Learn how you can be blessed when God reveals the wisdom of Scripture to You and how you can study the Bible.

Going Around The Corner: A Mission Strategy For Your Own Backyard – Sheila Alewine

You exist in a mission field divinely designed for you by God. How can you accept his mission and allow God to use your story for His glory?  Come be encouraged, equipped and challenged to live on mission in your own backyard!

“Children and Missions”Theresa Kreig

How do children learn about missions? In this session we will discuss the importance of children’s mission education in the local church and explore core mission concepts for preschoolers and children.

*These breakouts will be offered both sessions
# 2nd session for Pastor wives and Church planter wives only

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