BRN Women

Riding the Waves

For my 40th wedding anniversary my husband and I went to Kauai, HI.  It was an amazing trip and we enjoyed every minute of it! While I was there in the rest and quiet of such a beautiful place, God spoke through his creation in so many ways.waves

One place that I enjoyed was on the southern coast where the waves were strong and the surfers were out “catching a wave”.  They patiently waited until the ocean began to swell and then energetically swam with all their strength to be able to stand and ride along.  It was fun to watch and I was amazed at the strength and stamina of those from young to old who were attempting to ride the waves.  As I watched their attempts there was one thing that occurred to me.

Each and every wave was temporary.  The ocean swelled, then made it’s way to shore where it was finished.  There wasn’t one rider that was able to maintain the ride more than one wave at a time.  wave done

Wow, Lord, I thought, isn’t that we often do when it comes to discipleship?  We catch the wave of the most popular bible study teacher or church with the most attractional worship? We look for a  program that makes us feel good for the moment or will keep our kids “in the church” through entertainment.  I’ve seen people who are constantly in the highs and lows of catching temporary fads or cultural christianity.  Feeling good for a time and then being stagnant waiting for the next big thing  is the way many live a “faith” walk. Catching waves rely upon our skills and what we can offer.

Discipleship is not catching the wave. When we find ourselves often crashing into the surf, feeling like you’re drowning we are missing a very key element to being a disciple of Jesus.  There was one who had ridden the waves all night and for him it was in the midst of a storm. He was being shown how inadequate all of his skills and attempts were to rescue himself.  What helped him to find stability, strength and stamina wasn’t using his navigational skills but surrendering to reach out to the hand of Jesus.   Jesus doesn’t intend for us to ride the waves, he enables us to walk on the water!


When we hold tightly to Him and trust Jesus to guide us and empower us, we can walk in discipleship that will testify to His glory and miraculous power.  For you, it may not be as dramatic as the storm where we see Peter rescued.   Your story  may not seem “miraculous” as overcoming a storm and walking on water, but as you to walk with Jesus hand in hand He empowers you through His Spirit.   In this, you no longer ride up and down, highs and lows, waiting for the next big wave when you have crashed or just sitting there wondering when it will be “your turn”.  Your life will rise above the waves so that when they come, you’re already standing, holding on to the One who can guide you so that it can be a greater testimony of Him.  Your life of faith will then be a reflection of His glory and can draw people to Him so they too can be discipled.

Waves are temporary my friend, walking on water is Eternal!

My prayer is that we will link hands with Jesus and walk steadfastly with him.

Though he may stumble, he will not fall,
    for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:24


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