It’s the week after Easter! The plans, preparation and emphasis are all over! Why is there a huge let down?  Why am I not on this wonderful high of participating in a celebration 2012-04-06 15.20.15of the greatest foundation of my faith? Why didn’t I see great strides for the gospel made? Why can’t I get the energy to make it to the next time of gathering with other Christ followers?

We’ve all been there.

The struggle is real!

Some even begin feeling this way before the Easter service.  This week may not be a struggle for you.  We do know though, struggles will come.  While we as women tend to reach out to one another if we have a friend or community of like minded sisters, our husbands may not.  I found a blog by Lori McDaniel entitled “When Your Husband Struggles” that is very insightful.  Men shoulder a huge responsibility as Spiritual leaders.  Often they are not good communicators when they struggle.  Hopefully this blog will help you walk beside your spouse in this journey of ministry.

As I was reading, I also found myself using the points mentioned to reflect, “When I’m struggling do I…” So whether you need to be that helpmeet to your spouse, or you are in a struggle right now, I hope this helps you to be able to find some strength in the struggle.

pexels-photo-350345.jpegPlease share in the comments if you have found anything that helps you get through struggles. (besides chocolate and coffee!)

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